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Academic Overview

Our Upper Elementary Program, known around campus as Golden Gate Bridge (grades 4-5), begins the students’ journey of learning how to learn. This program consists of small classes based on students' Bridge Learning Profiles and prescriptive plans in each discipline.

In a language-rich environment, students in Golden Gate experience a comprehensive, personalized approach, including skills-based, intensive remediation to meet individual needs. At this stage in learning, our students are developing the fundamental academic, organizational, and interpersonal skills that are essential for success in school and in life.

Our Approach to Language and Math Instruction

The development and acquisition of language and literacy skills are priorities and are integrated into every area of the curriculum. Bridge Prep utilizes the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading instruction. Students develop skills, as well as specific strategies and techniques that emphasize and reinforce the core reading competencies of listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

Math is taught with a multisensory approach, as well. Students who struggle with typical math instruction can excel when instructed in a way that always shows the big picture first, uses visual-spatial images, and directly examines how the parts are connected to the whole. Number sense is then developed by establishing a robust understanding of quantities so that their values may be compared. This methodology uses hands-on, practical strategies, limiting the demands on language processing, working memory, and executive function skills during fundamental skill development. Multisensory integration is vital for children who have learning difficulties, as well as the best way to teach all students.

Upper Elementary Profile

Ages: 9-10

Grades: 4-5

Class Size: 6-8 students

Golden Gate students (grades 4-5) receive direct instruction in small groups, with one-to-one tutorials necessary as determined by assessment and teacher observation. All students are supported by a high level of structure, given clear expectations, and are taught diagnostically. The Upper Elementary program includes the fundamentals of a comprehensive foundation, including the following:

  • Language Arts (spelling, grammar, writing)
  • Reading/Oral Expression (decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and
  • Literature
  • Math
  • Science/Social Studies
  • Math/Reading Intervention (where needed)
  • Physical Education/Recess (daily exercise and movement)
  • Executive Functioning Development (management of time,
    materials, and information)
  • Social Emotional Development
  • Christian Character Class (C 3 )
  • Study Skills

Enrichment through Electives

Electives vary each year depending on programming, staffing, and scheduling
issues and may include:

  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Robotics and Coding
  • Kids Around the World
  • STEM
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