At Bridge Prep, we develop a personalized plan for each Warrior to accommodate academic and social needs. Students with learning challenges, gifted students, as well as students who simply struggle in traditional school settings, benefit from tailor-made, eclectic college preparatory curriculum to build a foundation for academic and social success.  Bridge Prep is committed to teaching its students the way they learn best.

Initial Assessment

Seeing where you are

Upon enrollment, an initial academic assessment is completed to determine the student’s academic placement and needs. Additionally, an interview and survey are conducted to determine the student’s learning styles, strengths, and interests. This culminates into the student’s initial Bridge Learning Plan, which will include modifications and accommodations to support academic and social skill mastery.

Instructional Strategies

Teaching how you learn best

Strategies will include individualized and small group instruction to promote inquiry, cooperative learning, and skill mastery. Students will receive continuous reinforcement and assessment, using approaches that consider students’ learning styles and challenges. Consideration is given to each student's neurodevelopment profile and includes strategies to address weaknesses in constructs such as attention, memory, social cognition, etc.

Progress Monitoring

Coming along for the ride

Our dedicated teachers track each student's performance regularly and use collected data to determine appropriate interventions and student skill mastery. Partnership with parents facilitates on-going communication of student interventions and progress.